Una lettera inaspettata

di Giuseppe Masala


Dear Mr Giuseppe Masala,
Just be pure accident I came across your elegant translation of the Obituary I wrote, for The Independent, now close to two decades ago, of my teacher, mentor, friend and sometimes colleague, Richard Goodwin.
Thank you very much for this selfless, noble, task you undertook.
I shall, from now on, try to keep myself informed of your entries in this particular website, although I must confess I am not much of an enthusiast of all these modern technological development! In fact I think I would consider myself a convinced follower of the Luddites!!
Just in case you feel like sending me your mailing address, or e-mail coordinates, I’ll send you my more lenghty version of the Obituary, which was published in the EJ (and received the ANBAR award for ‘elegance in writing’!!).
With renewed and grateful thanks – and kindest wishes,

Vela Velupillai

Dear professor Vela Velupillai,
thank you for the kind words that you wanted to spend on my little blog ..
I have great admiration for Richard Goodwin who I believe, to paraphrase Majakovskij (*), is the economist of the economists.
I should be very grateful if you would send me the lenghty version of the Obituary. Will be my care – within the limits of my ability – to translate for my readers.

My e-mail address is giuseppe.masala@email.it

My heartiest greetings and referents,

Giuseppe Masala

(*) Vladimir Majakovskij, when Khlebnikov died, said: “He was the poet of the poets”.